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Our Approach


Real Estate as an alternative asset class can offer the benefit of substantial risk diversification from other more typical asset classes such as Bonds or Equities. However we believe that this is only true if the investments are kept in the form of “Real Estate Risk” and are not transformed in vehicles of “Financial Risk” by engaging in aggressive funding structures with excessive Debt.

We believe in achieving Real Estate returns by managing Real Estate Risk with superior professionalism and excellence. We mean by this that, while we favour efficient capital and financial structures we are not believers in complex financial engineering to drive returns at the expense of incremental financial risk.

To achieve this we count with a proficient group of executives with proven careers in Civil Engineering, Project Management, Investment Management and Investment Banking. We differentiate ourselves by actively managing the projects on an engineering and construction level. Throughout its history, c. 33% of the discretionary capital raised by Norfin has been invested and managed in development and refurbishment projects.

We have a single minded approach to each investment looking for pockets of Real Estate risk that, if well managed, can yield good returns for our investors. The strategies for each asset could include one or a combination of the following:

Acquisition multiple expansion

buying an asset for a price we consider to be reasonable taking into account its risk, waiting and selling at “fair value”.


managing the Licensing, Design, Build and letting and/or sale of an asset


redefining best purpose and implementing architectural and construction solutions to restructure an asset and its tenant mix.


procurement and management of the Licensing, Design and Construction of an asset

Adding Value


We leverage our network of clients, industry experts, business partners and relationships to identify the best deals for our investors within the investment criteria. Our Partners and Senior Executives have been conducting business in Iberia and internationally for decades being widely respected.

Driving value through operational efficiencies

We see ourselves adding most of the value at the engineering and operational levels of our investments. We tend to be actively involved in the daily asset management activities and as such, we develop an in-depth knowledge of the markets and sectors where we invest in. Norfin’s Executives have on average more than 20 years experience in Civil Engineering and Banking. Most executives are Civil Engineers with MBAs.

Financial Structuring

Norfin was created by bringing together Real Estate and Financial skill and experience. As such while our focus is on driving value at the operational level we will constantly search for efficient tax and capital structures for our projects.